Prof. Alexander Lichtenstein



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Office: Jungiusstr. 9, Room 220
Phone: +49 40 42838 2393
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ResearcherID: K-8730-2012    (h_index=60) Google Scholar (h-index=68)



Scientific interests

  • Electronic structure of strongly correlated magnetic systems
  • Quantum theory of magnetic materials
  • Numerical evolution of path integrals for general quantum impurity problem
  • First-priciple theory of exchange interactions in magnetic materials

Research topics: theory of exchange interactions in magnetic materials based on the density functional approach. Development of efficient computational schemes which combine the precision of first-principle band-structure schemes with the complex treatment of electron-electron correlations for d- and f-electron systems (LDA+U, LDA+DMFT). New generation of continuous time quantum Monte-Carlo methods for multiorbital impurity problem. Investigation of non-local correlation effects in low-dimensional quantum systems within fully renormalized dual-fermion perturbation.


  • State Prize for young scientists 1988
  • State Prize of Russia in science and technology 1995
  • Intel/Rusnano High Performance Computing Prize 2008
  • Max-Born Prize 2014
  • Ernst Mach Medal 2015

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